AEC Capital -Merger & Acquisition Solutions for Companies:

Who are we?

AEC Capital was formed from the expertise of top A/E/C and Environmental recruiters in the country who have a combined 40 plus years of industry knowledge. They formed a company to become one of the top Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A’s) firms specializing in the A/E/C and Environmental industries.

What makes us paramount?

We have the advantage of maintaining a broad-based knowledge of A/E/C and Environmental consulting industries, and because our information is not tied to one geographical area, we offer the benefit of being able to perform a national or even international search.

Why buy, sell, or merge?

There are many reasons to consider a transaction in today’s market. The swift pace of transactions in the A/E/C industry is evidence that firms continue to view mergers and acquisitions as a vehicle for strategic growth and geographical expansion. Even with great fluctuations in the economy, many owners are exploring M&A’s as a means to provide impetus for growth, diversify services, add clients, increase financial resources, and transition ownership.

Key Components

Management Consultants – Our expert staff knows not only the A/E/C industry intimately, but also knows the fine details of the M&A process, valuations, market trends, risks and implications.

M & A Attorney – The role of an M & A attorney could be limited prior to negotiating a transaction. Once discussions have started, however, their role increases significantly.

Accountant – An accountant advises the seller on the tax and accounting consequences of a possible transaction, provides insight into the financial history and future projections of the business, and informs the seller of any unusual financial issues. The firm’s own personal CPA will be able to advise on tax issues.

Professional Liability Insurance Consultant – A professional liability insurance consultant will review existing insurance coverage, noting deductibles and past claims and losses, possible future claims, and the terms of coverage to ensure appropriate coverage after the closing.